What is Slurry Surfacing?

Slurry surfacing is a thin layer of a proportioned mix of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, mineral filler, and water. It is placed onto the pavement by a slurry machine.


what is slurry surfacing 1Types of slurry surfacing

• slurry seal

• micro-surfacing


The main differences between slurry seal and micro-surfacing

• micro-surfacing can be opened to traffic quicker

• micro-surfacing can be applied in thicker lifts


Properties of slurry surfacing

• highly cost effective

• dust-free application process

• no loose aggregates

• highly wear resistant

• quiet surface

• environmentally safe

• applied thickness between ¼- to ½-inch per lift (slurry surfacing can be applied in multiple lifts)

• highly skid resistant while maintaining a smooth finish

• low void contents resulting in tight surface

• flush with gutter

• no bleeding or tacky surface occurs