technologyThe materials that we use in our slurry surfacing products are key to our superior quality.  Some of these materials remain unchanged because they have proven to work over time.  Other materials have changed through the years based on our experience and dedication to improving our slurry surfacing products.

The aggregate materials we use have superior strength, hardness, and durability.  The slag in our aggregate is a waste product that we are able to beneficially reuse, which saves expensive landfill space that this material would otherwise occupy.  Because of our experience, we were the first to use slag in our slurry surfacing aggregates.  Our aggregates provide many favorable properties such as improved skid resistance and a dark color which results in superior pavement marking delineation, reduced glare, and promotes late winter/early spring snowmelt.  We continue to research new aggregate sources and compositions which will improve our slurry surfacing products.

In our slurry surfacing mixes, we use asphalt emulsions that are extremely compatible with our aggregates.  We also use special compositions, agents, and modifiers to control properties of the asphalt emulsion when project conditions warrant.  Through the years, we have had the ability to utilize asphalt emulsion additives such as polymers, latex, and crumb rubber.  Over time, we have developed an asphalt emulsion that has performed exceptionally well based on years of research, testing, and experience.  Recently, Struck & Irwin Paving has successfully placed our slurry surfacing product on top of a paving fabric that was designed to minimize existing cracks from reflecting through to the surface.  The success of this unique process has benefitted our customers with a durable surface free from reflective cracks.  By applying proven technology in new ways, we continue to develop our slurry surfacing products.  Our experience and engineering knowledge provides you with slurry surfacing technology designed for maximum performance and economy in your application.