qualityStruck & Irwin Paving’s high level of quality is well known throughout the slurry surfacing industry.  We begin providing quality on every project when we visit the job site to evaluate the viability of slurry surfacing.  At those locations where slurry surfacing is a good alternative, we thoroughly examine surface conditions to determine needed repairs and establish slurry surfacing requirements.

Our distinguished position of being the only contractor in the upper midwest that specializes in slurry surfacing helps us to achieve improvements to our slurry surfacing operations.  Based on our experience, we have found that it is better to repair existing cracks, joints, and other distressed areas before any slurry surfacing is done.  The additive benefit of crack sealing, joint sealing, spray patching, or other minor pavement repair techniques prior to slurry surfacing is one of the reasons we are able to showcase our slurry surfacing that is over 10 years old and still performing well.  Another area where we have distinguished ourselves from the competition is in recognizing that the cold winter temperatures and freeze/thaw cycles in the upper midwest requires a slurry surfacing application rate at the upper end of the industry recommended standard in order for the pavement to receive the desired benefits of slurry surfacing.

Struck & Irwin Paving places a tremendous emphasis on traffic control, slurry surfacing placement efficiencies, equipment calibration, and quality control.  Communication with customers and affected residents begins before the project begins and continues throughout the time the work is taking place.  Our slurry surfacing projects are able to be completed efficiently by our crews because of our experience with many different types of situations.  All the while the work is being performed, our commitment to quality is never compromised.  The end result is a high quality slurry surfacing product that is able to be completed with the least amount of inconvenience to the public.