experience 1Struck & Irwin Paving, Inc. is a slurry surfacing contractor located in DeForest, Wisconsin.  We started applying slurry surfacing in 1968. Since that time, Struck & Irwin Paving has placed more than 9,000 miles of slurry surfacing in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota.  We have worked at locations ranging from urban streets, rural roads, airports, parking lots, shoulders, cemeteries, bicycle paths, golf cart paths, and park trails for clients that have ranged from federal, state, and county government agencies; cities, villages, and townships; and private businesses.

Our established reputation is a result of our knowledge, skill, and experience with slurry surfacing products.  Jim Buchanan, the former president of Struck & Irwin Paving who worked with the company from 1964 to 2009, was involved with our slurry seal operations since 1972.  Jim was a pioneer in the slurry surfacing industry and was instrumental in our engineering and technological accomplishments from 1972 to 2009.

Joe Wessley, our current president, has over 30 years of experience in the engineering and construction field, and has been involved with the company‚Äôs slurry surfacing operations since 1998.  Mike Buchanan, the vice-president of Struck & Irwin Paving, has over 25 years of experience, and has worked with our slurry surfacing operations since 1990.  Katrina Wessley, who is Joe's wife and Mike's sister, has over 20 years of experience with the business.  Katrina helps pull together all aspects of the company to allow it to be the successful 2nd generation family-owned business that it is today.

Struck & Irwin Paving has a talented and dedicated crew of trained foreman, operators, and skilled laborers that have over 200 years of combined slurry surfacing experience.  Their professionalism and expertise have greatly contributed to helping a tremendous number of clients achieve their pavement maintenance objectives.

Over the years, Jim successfully passed on to Joe, Mike, Katrina, and our experienced staff his knowledge and values.  Together, all of our employees continue to provide Struck & Irwin Paving with exceptional engineering and technological experience as well as their commitment to the highest quality product possible.  No other contractor in the upper midwest can match our slurry surfacing experience and ability.

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