engineeringWhen Struck & Irwin Paving purchased two slurry machines back in 1968 to begin slurry surfacing operations, little did we know that in just two years we would be making our own slurry machines.  The first Madison slurry machine was designed and manufactured by us in 1970, and eventually built and sold throughout the world.  We developed and engineered the Madison slurry machine through years of experience with all types of slurry surfacing.

Even though we stopped manufacturing the Madison slurry machine commercially in 1981 to concentrate on our slurry surfacing operations, we continue to manufacture, upgrade, and maintain the Madison slurry machine for our own use.  Because of the dependable service the Madison slurry machine has provided us through the years, the slurry machines we presently use are descendants of the original Madison machine.

Our current slurry machine design provides an extremely accurate and reliable aggregate, emulsion, and fines delivery system.  The aggregate feed delivery system assures an accurate aggregate supply into the surge bin, resulting in a consistent amount of aggregate into the metering augers.  The calibrated and integrated controls of the auger metering system ensure accurate proportioning of materials.  In addition, the aggregate and asphalt emulsion feed systems are mechanically interlocked, resulting in an extremely consistent mix design.  The blender’s double pugmill design provides complete and thorough mixing of all materials.  In summary, the Madison’s simple, easy to care for drive systems assure superb reliability.  We are able to utilize a slurry machine designed for increased production, greater quality control, and minimum maintenance based on many years of experience.